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Top 5 Italian speciality coffee spots!

It goes without saying that coffee plays a huge role in Italian culture. Known for the coveted espresso, their coffee is definitely a flavoursome affair. However, once the third-wave of coffee hit, a huge expanse opened between the traditions of Italian coffee and speciality coffee as we know it today. However, more and more people are bridging the gap! So, here are our top 5 Italian speciality coffee shops that we think you should all give a visit.

  1. Espresso Base, St George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way WC1A 2HR

Espresso Base is a foldable coffee shop located in a beautiful churchyard in Bloomsbury. Run by Gennaro de Mattia, this coffee cart is changing Londoners’ perception of Italian coffee, one shot at a time.  Combining the strength, body and crema of traditional Italian coffee with the depth of flavour of speciality, Gennaro has successfully bridged the gap between the two.

If you like to enjoy your coffee in a peaceful setting away from the hustle and bustle, then this is the place for you.

Coffee served: Hasbean

  1. Terrone & Co., 25 Westgate St, London E8 3RL

Setting out to change the face of Italian coffee that has a rep for being over-roasted, Terrone & Co. have a microroastery based in London as well as roasting facilities in the Italian countryside, creating delicious coffee to serve at their café in Netil Market , as well as at their Sottoscala (‘under the stairs’) stall near Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court. They also serve coffee at various events around London, so look out for them!

Terrone’s owner, Edy, has been in the speciality business for ages, and so has perfected his style down to T.

Coffee served: their own

  1. 80 Stone Coffee, 7a St George’s Circus, Southwark SE1 6HS

Run by good friends Simone and Roberto (both previously baristas), 80 Stone Coffee has strong roots in the Italian coffee culture. They both met in London in 2006, but went separate ways with Roberto opening a wine bar in Verona and Simone working for a coffee exporter in Central America. In 2012 they found themselves back in London and decided to get into business together, creating a brand that merges the traditions of Italian coffee with London’s thriving third-wave coffee culture. What started out as just a roastery has now expanded into a flagship cafe and espresso bar in Elephant & Castle.

The coffee they sell has been their own roast since 2015 – constantly testing new origins, blends and beans, 80 Stone are always serving up something interesting to their loyal customers.

Coffee served: their own

  1. Coffeology, 4 The Square, Richmond TW9 1DZ

Representing a new wave of Italian coffee like the others on our list, Coffeology is a wonderful speciality cafe whose team is predominantly Italian. Their philosophy is to never compromise on quality, as well as maintaining good vibes and a friendly atmosphere for their loyal customers.

They understand great customer service, and bring that Italian character day in day out.

Coffee served: Sapid Coffee

  1. 7Gr Coffee Studio, 139 Clapham Road SW9 0HP and 194 Shoreditch High St E1 6LG

7Gr is truly a family affair – established in Milan in 2009 by sisters Mary, Angelita, Anna and Daniela Mauro, it’s aim was to bring the tradition of the Italian espresso back in demand amongst speciality coffee drinkers. Their two studios, in Shoreditch and Clapham, their customers can experience the unique taste of the traditional espresso, as well as delicious food prepared by Italian chefs.

Coffee served:  Lot Zero