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The ultimate locations to drink coffee in style!

Most days, all you need is a coffee from your favourite speciality spot. You know they’re reliable; you can order your regular brew knowing that you won’t be chancing fate. However, some days your coffee consumption needs a little more pizazz and requires you to travel further afield for that truly special experience. 
     For a long time, coffee in luxury establishments seemed to suffer a little from style over substance. It seemed to be average tasting coffee served in fancy china/glassware. 
Yet with the ever-growing speciality scene came an increase in good quality coffee being served in the likes of 5-star hotels and luxury department stores. It’s so great to see some of our favourite coffee brands being served in these places, and means that when we’re pining for a coffee experience, we can be rest assured that our money is being spent well.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 London spots to drink your coffee in style!

The Ned
This 5-star hotel at the heart of the City may be known for its elegant cocktails and magnificent Sunday feasts, but they also serve great coffee. They use a bespoke blend by Origin Coffee Roasters, and have a fleet of exceptionally trained baristas that are ready to prepare and serve you a delicious cup of coffee. It’s also worth noting that they will serve you coffee in any of their 9 bars and restaurants! So whether you’re sitting in an old-school leather booth in Malibu Kitchen, or perched at the glorious Nickel Bar, you know you’re in for a caffeinated treat. 

Le Café Alain Ducasse
This new addition to Coal Drops Yard has caused quite a stir in recent months, and has quickly become one to watch on the speciality scene. If anywhere is going to give you that special coffee experience, it’s one of Ducasse’s establishments (he does have 21 Michelin stars after all!) They roast their own coffee in Paris, headed by roasting champion Veda Viraswami and is brewed up by team of excellent baristas (or as Ducasse puts it, cafeliers). We recommend their Viennese coffee  or delicious cascara, and of course you can’t leave without tasting a freshly baked madeleine (or two!) 

Harrods Coffee Bar
Harrods is known for being the epitome of luxury and style when it comes to shopping, but it also serves up incredible coffee. The art-deco inspired coffee bar sits proudly in the middle of the grand food halls, where you can sit and watch the world go by. Their coffee is roasted in-house by a dedicated team of roasters and served to you by top-quality baristas, so you’re definitely in for a treat. Once day turns into night, bartenders will whip up some tasty coffee cocktails for you.

Providing fantastic brews of their bespoke Workshop Coffee single origin, coffee at Claridge’s is definitely one to add to the bucket list. With a large team ready to provide you with exceptional service and attention to detail, you’ll drink coffee like you never have before. 

Brass Rail, Selfridges 
While The Brass Rail is famed for its Salt Beef sandwiches, their coffee has become another reason for people to flock there in the masses. They have collaborated with Origin Coffee Roasters to create their own blend, and alongside one of their world-famous sarnies or a pastry, this makes for a great shopping spree pitstop. 

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