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Taste the Difference

So by now, you’re really missing that delicious, specialty coffee you used to enjoy on the way to work or on your breaks? You know we feel your pain. There is hope though. Difference Coffee is coming to your rescue. The company who focus on sourcing the very finest of the world’s coffee, prepare it for you to brew using the most straightforward, consistent brew method, Nespresso-style pods. Difference delivers premium speciality grade coffee at the touch of a button.

We are talking here about the world’s highest grade specialty coffees, rare coffee indeed. Difference sources coffee that wins coffee competitions, rare varietals, and coffees from world-famous estates and producers. Whereas most coffee roasters buy coffees that green importers have selected,  Difference Coffee breaks the mould by sourcing only the highest performing, competition-winning coffee and paying the producers top prices.

Excellence made easy

Roasted to perfection, with profiles selected for maximum flavour and sweetness, then packed into Nespresso-compatible capsules that will work in your existing machine.

Legendary lots

So what will you have? You might choose a Panama Geisha from the legendary Hacienda La Esmeralda, so sought after that their top micro-lots can be sourced only at their annual auction. Difference’s Panama Geisha coffee is currently the highest-ranked coffee capsule by Coffee Review. The Peterson family’s farms produce some of the world’s most acclaimed coffee in the volcanic highlands of Boquete in South-West Panama.

Or you might select the Cup of Excellence Rwanda. The Cup of Excellence is a prestigious national coffee competition where jurors scrutinise coffee over three weeks. The 2018 winning coffee, Twumba is from the village of Nyaruyaga in the Karongi District in Western Rwanda. This coffee has enticing notes of blackberry jam and dark chocolate.

Enough of those modern, fruit focussed coffees, you might prefer one of the classics: a Hawaiian Kona from the annual competition-winning estate with candied apple sweetness. Or perhaps a creamy Jamaica Blue Mountain from Gold Cup Estate, one of the highest elevation farms in the region. If you’ve never tried Kopi Luwak, this just might be the time to. Difference Coffee is the only company that sources wild, specialty Kopi Luwak from the Gayo Estate in Indonesia where Luwak cats roam free and depulp the beans through natural digestion.

Difference Coffee is the choice of some of the world’s best Michelin chefs, with clients including Guy Savoy, Anne-Sophie Pic, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Sat Bains. Amir Gehl’s stated aim on forming Difference was to identify the world’s finest coffees and to make them available to discerning coffee lovers like you. And right now, you can order these coffees from Difference’s online store, with international shipping. You owe it to yourself to experience these coffees.

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