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Seasonal Coffee June 2017

At each issue’s cupping, we’re looking for a coffee that is both memorable and one you’ll want to drink again and again – and even mourn the final bean. For us, this washed coffee from the Kayanza region in northern Burundi is just that. Square Mile’s co-founder and green coffee buyer, Anette Moldvaer, has sourced a fantastic crop.

Square Mile won Caffeine’s first ever seasonal coffee spot over four years ago, in February 2013. Since then, it has seemed as if every month there is a new batch of speciality coffee roasters on the scene. Yet throughout this explosion, Square Mile has quietly and consistently held its position at the front of the pack.

This coffee is very sweet and balanced, and doesn’t drop off in flavour as it cools – it’s the kind of cup you don’t want to end. There are soft notes of peach and honey sweetness, with a very juicy mouthfeel. Although it brewed well in all our devices, we found it best when brewed with a paper filter (our favourite being a Kalita). The intense aroma you experience by just sticking your nose in the bag is incredible, jam-packed with juicy, ripe stone fruits.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters Kibingo, £13 for 350g; squaremilecoffee.com