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Issue 31


This issue, we discover the role women play in the production of coffee, the return of the Coffee Masters, and chat to Robert Peston about his coffee preferences.

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The grind
The latest news and views from the speciality coffee industry, including
a roundup of the season’s best beans

Bitter Barista
Our industry columnists says it’s time for optimism to take over once more

Origin report
We take a look at how tradition and innovation work together within Colombia’s coffee industry

This woman’s work
Discover the role women play in the production of coffee – and how they may finally be getting their fair share of the rewards

The coffee Olympics
This April sees the return of the Coffee Masters at the London Coffee Festival, but what do such contests have to offer baristas and consumers?

Life before coffee
We talk to some of the industry’s leading lights to discover how they ended up working with coffee – and what they did before

The wine of Islam
Coffee has played an important role in the Middle East for centuries. We find out how the region is dealing with the influence of the third wave

Neighbourhood watch
We head to the south coast to find out what the naval city of Portsmouth has to offer the discerning coffee drinker

Ten Questions with Robert Peston
He may know a lot about setting tricky questions, but can he answer ours?

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