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Issue 45


Issue 45 The Caffeine Journal. This issue was created during COVID19 UK lockdown 1. Its a celebration of drinking coffee at home and a coffee lover’s guide to making it through the pandemic. Available in limited numbers it’s a one off design in a newspaper style format. It features a Moka Pot brew guide, a view of speciality coffee capsules and a deep dive on the internet craze that was Dalgona.

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How cafés can tackle the challenge of emerging from lockdown, appeals for help from coffee producers in need, and a classy coffee-based Swiss watch

Safia makes
Inspired by all those banana loaves baked during the pandemic, our resident foodie Safia Shakarchi comes up with her own coffee-infused version for a twist on the classic bread

Sipping Solo
While the beverage we love has always had a friendly, sociable element, the advent of social distancing has removed that rather abruptly. But at the same time there’s something to be said for taking time for yourself to drink, reflect, relax and be mindful

Make a Moka
The stovetop Moka coffee pot is a design icon thanks to its sharp angles and smart aluminium shine. And while it takes a bit of skill to master, it can give you a superb coffee experience at home, says La Bottega Milanese founder Alex Galantino

Top score
With speciality coffee’s rapid growth, it can be hard to know which brand to choose even if you’re not new to the scene. Caffeine is here to help by selecting 20 British roasters whose names are a guarantee of finest quality

For the love of pod
If you want a coffee shop-style drink at home with minimum effort, capsules (aka pods) are the way to go. We chart their rise and explain how best to use them – and reveal why they’re not as environmentally unfriendly as their reputation suggests

Whip roaring
Dalgona is the whipped coffee drink that’s been a sensation on social media in 2020 – so what is it, where does it come from and will you see it in your favourite coffee shop any time soon?

Espresso delivery
When the UK shut down, Caffeine’s Tim Ridley and Scott Bentley weren’t about to let all the laid-off baristas suffer. They headed to the cash and carry for supplies to put in care packs, and Barista Care was born

The caffeinated tipple
Coffee and peach? Not an obvious combination – but cocktail expert Joe Brayford makes them into an irresistibly bittersweet pairing perfect for summer

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