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Issue 43


WTF… is a Q grader?
5 of the best Decafs?
The new wave of Viennoiserie in London
The robots are coming – can baristas fight the rise of the machines?
Coffee sustainability at scale with Olam
Should baristas travel to Origin?
The caffeinated tipple – The Revolver

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, a guide to delicious Korean green tea, a look at the Singaporean coffee tradition that’s taking London by storm and a breakdown of Caffeine’s legendary cupping tests – plus more on this year’s landmark London Coffee Festival

WTF… is a Q grader?
Their names may not be well known but they’re crucial in ensuring the quality of speciality coffee around the world, as Edward Anderson Brown explains

A baking dream
There’s no better accompaniment for a morning coffee than the exquisite pastries classed as viennoiserie – and now some London bakers are trying to improve on perfection. Tim Ridley visits a selection of the city’s finest bakehouses to find out how

Automation for the people
Can a robot make a latte as well as a barista can? You’re probably going to find out soon… We investigate whether machines are really the future of coffee

Ditch the caffeine
No, not the Caffeine! Decaf coffee is better than it’s ever been – here’s our guide to how it works and the best beans available

Industry news
How big data is having a positive impact on some producers, while some promising names are looking to expand. Plus Bitter Barista wonders if travelling to origin is as essential as it once was

The caffeinated tipple
A bourbon-based classic from San Francisco that will tickle every palate

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