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Issue 41


The latest coffee news
WTF… is the Maillard reaction?
Speciality coffee in the workplace
Our take on retro desserts with a coffee twist
Alternative Mylks on test
Industry news – Andrew Tolley looks back on his time at Taylor St Baristas

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, an innovative new tea, the producers harnessing the power of social media and all the latest café openings – plus how to make the most of white tea

WTF… is the Maillard reaction?
This crucial element of the roasting process is what gives coffee its flavour, and successful roasters know how to harness its power

Coffee and work
They’re both important parts of life, and they should complement each other. We look at the different ways speciality coffee is becoming the norm in the workplace

Retro desserts
The 1970s was the golden age of British puddings – and Tim Schilling wants to go back there, as long as he can take some modern coffee

Mylks on test
Huge numbers of people are now choosing plant-based alternatives to dairy – but do they work in speciality coffee? Caffeine puts 16 of the leading “mylks” to the test

The perfect match?
Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is said to have a calming effect that counters the caffeine jitters. But has enough research been done? And will its complex legal status cause problems for those who take it?

Industry news
We speak to Andrew Tolley, one of the founders of Taylor St Baristas, about the company’s demise to find out what went wrong and what’s next for him and his siblings. Plus the Bitter Barista gives us a sense of perspective and there’s a new UK roasting champ

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