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Issue 40


The latest coffee news
WTF… is the C Price?
The grand café tradition of Vienna
Coffee and ice cream pairings
A revolution in dairy
Tiny cafes celebrated
Industry News
The caffeinated tipple

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, the latest café openings, a book focusing on reducing coffee waste and a preview of festival season – plus the best ways to enjoy tea with food

WTF… is the C Price?
Spoilers: it’s the coffee price. But there’s a lot more to it than the cost of a flat white. We look at how it affects the realities of coffee production

Ah, Vienna!
Erin O’Connor travels to the Austrian capital to see if the grand café tradition of the past means nothing to its modern coffee scene

Frozen delights
Kitty Travers’ artisan ice cream makes fabulous affogato and much more. James Hansen creates three tasty coffee pairings

Reusables on test
Sure, they reduce waste, but does your chosen cup do its job as well as it should? Find out which performs best

Milk shake-up
Speciality coffee has helped drive a revolution in the dairy sector. We look at the changes – and the future

Little wonders
Why are some cafés so small? Well, you really have to go there to find out. And Phil Wain has done just that

Industry news
Find out about the company helping to secure Kenyan coffee’s future, while the Bitter Barista rides a few waves and Dan Fellows wins again

The caffeinated tipple
Forget Dutch courage – this fortifying coffee cocktail is a true taste of Spain

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