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Issue 32


This is the future of coffee issue!
We look at coffee and climate change, drones and coffee cryptocurrencies, as well as cascara’s future.

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The characteristics of every cup are shaped by the environment

Climate change
Global temperature rises are a challenge to coffee, but they also present new opportunities

New origins
Discover the latest countries focusing on growing speciality varietals

Young farmers
We meet the next generation of coffee growers and find out what skills they can offer

World Barista Champion Dale Harris shares his thoughts on analysing coffee’s aromas

The projects ensuring farmers have access to quality wet mills

When is the best time of year to drink coffees from different countries?

How one woman is using drones to help farmers produce better coffee

WTF is… speciality coffee?
We take a closer look at what defines an industry

Join green coffee buyer, Joanne Berry of Nordic Approach on her trips to origin.

Need a break? Why not try one of these coffee-related holidays

One warehouse deals with almost all of the UK’s coffee imports

We’ve seen the future of speciality roasting and it promises to be atomic

The latest bit of kit that aims to make brewing a breeze

Treat it right and the water you use will make a world of difference

We visit the London cafés putting a new spin on the speciality scenery

Tradition matters. It’s time to reclaim the classic Italian espresso drink

Batch brew
How the industry can persuade people of the joys of filter coffee

What does the future hold for products made from the fruit of the coffee cherry?

Bitter Barista
Our industry insider shares some thoughts on the future of coffee

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