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Issue 17


In this issue:
We feature coffee and pastry pairing, We try celebrities own coffees, Photographs developed with coffee, The Tallin Coffee scene, our roving reporter Brian Williams finds the best cafes in York and 10 questions with Clerkenwell Boy.

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A letter from the team at Caffeine

The grind
The latest news, views and brews

Together forever?
Can’t order a coffee without adding a pastry (or two)? We investigate why the combination is so compelling

The talents of tallinn
Take a break from sightseeing in one of the Estonian capital’s new coffee houses

Say “caffeine”
How one photographer is taking using coffee to develop film negatives to the next level in her portraits of industry figures

Brewing with the stars
A number of celebrities have launched their own coffees, but are they any good? We put them to the test to find out

Neighbourhood watch
Brian Williams heads into the Yorkshire Coffee Triangle to find the best cafés in York

10 questions
Instagram foodie Clerkenwell Boy answers Caffeine’s pressing queries

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