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Issue 5


This issue:
An interview Tim Wendleboe, we taste some delicious coffee beers, Our Chemex brew guide and tour Brighton and Hove’s speciality scene.

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The grind
The latest news, views and brews

Cafe spotlight
Get your whiskers nice’n’tidy for Octobeard and Movember at this stylish and pioneering barbershop café in London’s Fitzrovia

Oslo à gogo
A meeting with the legendary Norwegian coffee master, Tim Wendelboe

A coffee in the pub
Three beer-guzzling students create a coffee-flavoured stout

As the great poet Browning wrote, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”

The chemex
It’s a lot easier than it looks

Coffee al desko
Will this happy New York story have a successful sequel in the UK?

Neighbourhood watch
The third in our series on coffee culture around the UK. This month: Brighton & Hove

The knockbox
Sounds good! Our correspondent gets his groove on at the local coffee shop

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