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Issue 45: Digital Download


WTF… is coffee yeast?
Hotel Coffee
Take the plunge with a Cafetiere
Coffee Fragrances
Industry News

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, a single-origin coffee truffle, the arrival of Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood’s new water filter system, Don Mei’s guide to tea temperature and, as always, a round-up of London’s best new cafés – plus updates about the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on the coffee world

WTF… is coffee yeast?
Yeast is for brewing and baking, right? In fact, some experts swear by adding yeast to their coffee. Matthew Deyn explains how it affects flavour, texture and more

Making scents
…out of coffee? As it turns out, it has been used as a component of fragrances for more than two decades, and there’s a huge range of scents designed to appeal to coffee lovers. Katie Puckrik gets spritzing

Stay gold
No matter how luxurious a hotel is, the coffee is nothing to write home about – right? Not any more. We visit the hotels taking a new approach

Take the plunge
The cafetière is a hugely popular brewing method – yet also a hugely underappreciated one. Here’s our attempt to right this wrong

Cover version
The combination of coffee bean and chocolate can be a tricky one. We find an expert who has mastered it

Industry news
Innovations in storage have enabled most roasted coffee to be exported – with a positive impact for producers – and there’s an update on the status of cascara. Plus Bitter Barista wonders if speciality’s great big heart means it’s unable to grow beyond a certain size

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