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WTF… is the Global Coffee Monitoring Program?
10 years of speciality coffee
Iced coffee drinks
Bean to cup machines for the home
Industry News
Bitter barista
A quintessential British summertime tipple with a twist

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, the latest café openings, an ace new podcast and a sneak peek at some luxurious coffee products coming to one of London’s plushest cafés – plus a preview of this year’s World of Coffee event, as Berlin prepares to host

WTF… is the Global Coffee Monitoring Program?
It’s a lot more interesting than the name makes it sound, that’s for sure. Here’s how it’s attempting to safeguard the very future of coffee

10 years of speciality coffee
We’re not saying the UK was a coffee wasteland in 2009 but… yes, actually, that is what we’re saying. The people who changed all that tell us how it happened and look back over an amazing decade

Ice to see you
Caffeine ups the ante for iced coffee drinks with three delicious concoctions created by some of the industry’s finest innovators

Bean machines
Can you really go bean to cup in the comfort of your own kitchen? We test the latest gadgets

Industry news
Renovating your café is a big step, so we talk to three refurb veterans about why, when and how to do it. Plus a review of the London Coffee Festival

Bitter Barista
Our resident grouch has had enough of confidence. It’s time for caution

The caffeinated tipple
It might have lavender in it, but this is definitely not your granny’s G&T