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WTF… is the F1 coffee varietal?
High coffee? It’s High tea but with coffee
Energised happiness
30 great coffee people under 30
Energised happiness
Industry news

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, the latest café openings and an in-depth look at one company that’s making a real difference to the Yemeni coffee industry – plus everything you need to know about how to grind your beans to the perfect consistency

WTF… is the F1 coffee varietal?
How World Coffee Research is helping protect the future of coffee by taking steps into hybrid science

No time for tea
There’s no reason coffee shouldn’t be the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon snackage. Safia Shakarchi conjures up some tantalising treats

30 under 30
Caffeine celebrates the young entrepreneurs, innovators and brewing experts who are already transforming the coffee industry with their skills and enthusiasm

Energised happiness
That’s the ultimate goal for one man who’s seeking stimulation far beyond his morning espresso

Industry news
Legendary chef Alain Ducasse talks about his passion for coffee and the new role he’s created in his Le Café. Plus a new all-day dining experience at Levan in Peckham and more La Marzocco magic

Bitter Barista
Although some may feel our resident grump is plenty bitter enough for the coffee world, he disagrees

The caffeinated tipple
Caution: do not attempt to sail the Spanish Main after drinking this