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Issue 37: Digital Download


Is CBD oil in coffee worth the hype
WTF… is carbonic maceration?
The world of alternative lattes
Coffee innovators
Coffee and Yoga
Industry news
The importance of showing gratitude
Patron XO cocktail

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The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans, the latest café openings and the new trend of CBD oil in coffee – as well as our preview of the London Coffee Festival 2019, as the UK’s biggest coffee event returns with some exciting new additions

WTF… is carbonic maceration?
We take a deep dive into this experimental coffee process that borrows ideas from wine

Lattes 2.0
Turmeric? Beetroot? Alternative lattes are cropping up on café menus, and there’s more to them than vivid colours

Different strokes
Coffee innovators around the UK are fighting to stop the speciality scene from succumbing to blandness. James Hansen meets some of them

Strike a pose
Coffee and yoga are increasingly found in shared spaces. Caffeine finds out where and why

Industry news
The latest from the sector, including Omotesando’s hotly anticipated London café and United Baristas’ new online careers tool

Bitter Barista
Our industry insider discusses the concept of closing the loop and the importance of showing gratitude

The caffeinated tipple
A zingy, sparkling cocktail created with Patrón XO Cafe liqueur to tickle your taste buds

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