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Issue 34: Digital Download


In this issue:

WTF… is direct trade?
The art of the affogato
The best park cafes
Supermarket Coffee
Industry news
Bitter Barista tackles customers bad manners
The caffeinated tipple


The Grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans
and tasty coffee recipes

WTF… is direct trade?
The meaning of this phrase – often seen on coffee packaging – is not as clear as you might think

The art of the affogato
Three mouthwatering variations of the coffee-based Italian dessert from some of our favourite cafés

Park life
From Newington Green to Battersea via Victoria Park, good-quality coffee is popping up in London’s parks

Aisle be back
Had you given up on supermarket coffee? Time to rethink that – it’s entirely possible to make a top-drawer supermarket brew with Caffeine’s guide

Industry news
The latest from the speciality sector, including career opportunities and La Marzocco’s Northern Roadshow

Bitter Barista
Our resident grouch is fed up with bad café manners and thinks it’s time action was taken

How did we get here?
We talk to Grumpy Mule’s David Jameson about his coffee journey and find out what drives him

The caffeinated tipple
Cocktail expert Joe Brayford creates another tempting refreshment especially for Caffeine

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