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Issue 33: Digital Download


In this issue:

WTF… is coffee processing?
Chilled canned coffee, is it any good?
A review of mid-tier home grinders
The coffee beer festival, uppers and downers
Industry News
The Bitter barista discusses coffee festivals
The caffeinated tipple


The grind
The latest coffee-related news, including the season’s best beans
and tasty coffee recipes

WTF… is processing?
We take an in-depth look at the methods used to produce natural, pulped natural and washed coffees

It’s in the can
Chilled coffee can never be as good as the real stuff, right? Wrong – you can enjoy good-quality coffee in a can

Gaining ground
We put three mid-range home coffee grinders to the test to discover which one is the most efficient and best value for money

The brews brothers
We head to the Uppers & Downers Festival to join the celebration of collaborations between breweries and roasteries

Industry news
The latest from the speciality sector, including an update on World Coffee Events in Dubai, and the challenges of being a freelance barista

Bitter Barista
Barely a month goes by without a coffee festival. Our industry columnist has had enough

How did we get here?
We talk to Matt and Rachel Ho of Tottenham’s Craving Coffee

The caffeinated tipple
Finish the evening in style with Joe Brayford’s cocktail created specially for Caffeine

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