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Issue 29: Digital Download


In this issue:
Optimal extraction explained, Is a café the place to start a romance, the best apps for top-quality coffee, and Exeter’s coffee scene, Report on Rwanda.


The Grind
The latest news and views from the speciality coffee industry, including
a roundup of the season’s best beans

Bitter Barista
How will Britain’s exit from the EU affect your local café? Our columnist looks ahead to an uncertain future

WTF is…optimal extraction?
Is your coffee under- or over-extracted, or is it balanced? Here’s how to tell

Origin report
How the bean is helping Rwanda recover from its traumatic past

Field trip
We take a tour of the speciality cafés of Taipei – home of the current World Barista Champion

Café romance
No, not the 80s ad couple – here’s why coffee shops are the perfect setting for a date (and how to pick the right one)

Connected coffee
The best apps to help you find your nearest top-quality cup, save yourself time and money, and more

Neighbourhood watch
Devon knows how appealing the Exeter third-wave scene is these days. Caffeine heads west to sample it

Ten Questions with, Tony Wright
The Terrorvision singer turned café proprietor faces the Caffeine 10

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