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Issue 24: Digital Download


In this issue:
Automatic drip brewers put to the test, pros and cons of synthetic coffee, the best coffee beers, the Hong Kong coffee scene and David Suchet talks coffee


A letter from the team at Caffeine

The grind
The latest news, views and brews

Automatic for the people
We put the new wave of automatic drip brewers to the test

Brews brothers
Discover how the nation’s independent brewers are using coffee in their beers

Imitation game
We take a look at the pros and cons of developing a synthetic coffee and ask if it has anything to offer consumers

Field Trip
On the latest leg of his travels in search of the world’s best independent coffee shops, Brian Williams heads to Hong Kong

10 questions with David Suchet
Poirot actor David Suchet loves his coffee, but what does his think about Caffeine’s crafty conundrums?

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