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Issue 13: Digital Download


In this issue:
Green coffee energy – spent coffee grounds into heat and power, small chains and why size doesn’t really matter, Ealing’s long-established café scene, how to taste coffee and what has Australia got against Starbucks?


A letter from the team at Caffeine

The grind
The latest news, views and brews

Cafe focus
Tanya Royer visits Shoreditch’s daytime canteen, CREAM

Coffee masters
We preview the newest barista competition, which will make its debut at the London Coffee Festival

Green coffee
Meet the green energy companies who want to use spent coffee grounds to power buses and heat our homes

Taste Test
Claire Gordon-Webster talks to the experts to discover the secrets behind pinning down a coffee’s flavour

Small chains
We take a look at the growing number of independent coffee shop chains and ask if size really does matter

Neighbourhood watch
Join us as we explore Ealing’s long-established café scene

Just what is it that Australia has against Starbucks?

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