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Issue 03: Digital Download


This issue include:
West London’s Talkhouse Coffee, brilliant baking with coffee, Our brew guide to the Moka pot, the library of an coffee-book dealer and Bristol’s coffee scene.

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A letter from the team at Caffeine

The grind
The latest news, views and brews

Cafe spotlight
At last, true specialty coffee arrives on Portobello road

Neighbourhood watch
Our new series on coffee culture around the UK. This month: Bristol

Baking with Coffee
Bittersweet bakers create recipes exclusively for our readers

Inside the library of an antiquarian coffee-book dealer

The Moka Express
The Italian stovetop pot gets a third-wave makeover

Coffee and cycling
Coffee makes the wheels go around, turning men into champions

It’s on the tip of your tongue… The humble teaspoon takes centre stage

The knockbox
“Get your grubby finger outta my cup!” A coffee competition judge lets loose

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