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Humans may be 60% water, but good old H2O is an even more essential part of coffee. It makes up more than 94% of an espresso and 98% of brewed coffee. So it’s not surprising that baristas have been paying increasing attention to the quality of water they use, and is why water filtration systems like Aquacure’s Everpure range work so well.

There is widespread recognition that the mineral composition and alkalinity of water really affect a coffee’s flavour (as explained in detail in Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood’s publication, Water for Coffee). Chlorides and sulphates in water (especially in London!) can make your coffee sour and bitter – not exactly what you want when you’re serving top notch speciality to your customers.

As a result, baristas have increasingly sought to optimise their water for taste, as well as protect their coffee-making equipment from the damage of water deposits such as limescale, particularly hot water boilers such as brewers and espresso machines.

So how can you improve the quality of your water?

Filtration has long been the treatment method of choice. This works by passing water through carbon, which traps impurities. One of the downsides of this method is that filter cartridges have a limited lifespan and a busy coffee shop in a poor water area may need to replace its cartridges frequently.

In the past decade, reverse osmosis (RO) has progressed from being a novelty to commonplace. This method passes fresh water through a membrane that strips out all the deposits in the water. The filtered water passes through a remineralisation mix to add minerals. and pH to optimise the flavour. One such company using RO to get the best water purification possible is Aqua Cure. You can adjust their Everpure Conserv 75E system to whatever water quality you’re working with in your cafe. This means that you’re getting the best possible flavour out of your coffee beans, minus the pesky chlorides and sulphates.

They are currently offering a 30-day free trial, so you can get your hands on one and see how you like it without the commitment of purchasing. Fancy giving it a go? Head to their website for more info.

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