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How can I get a copy of Caffeine Magazine?

Caffeine is available for free through our network of independent speciality coffee shops – you can find them on our stockist page. If you are not able to get to one of our stockists, or want to ensure you never miss an issue, you can subscribe and we will post one directly to you hot off the press.


Can I get some magazines for our café?

We’d love to be in your café! The most efficient way for you is to order a café subscription. Click on the button below to take you to the correct page.


If you are operating a high-volume cafe we suggest the Gold Tier Subscription this will deliver 50 magazines per issue.
If you operate a medium-sized cafe we would suggest the Silver Tier Subscription which delivers 20 Magazines per issue.
If you operate a small cafe and are not offering the magazines to be taken away, we suggest the Bronze tier Subscription. Caffeine has always been designed to be a free coffee resource for customers, it cannot be resold.

Do you offer internships?

Not at the moment.
However when we do, the internships we offer are for two-week blocks only and are unpaid. We believe internships are a two-way street: we give you the experience of the inner workings of running a magazine in exchange for your time. If you are still happy to apply, then contact us via the contact page.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Can I send you some coffee samples?

Of course! We run a blind cupping each issue to find our top 5 seasonal coffees, the best one getting a full-page feature in the magazine. We will accept two bags per roaster (extras will not be entered) these need to be whole-bean, speciality grade, single-origin coffee and roasted for filter. Blends will be accepted if they have their origins stated. Coffees will not be individually assessed or returned. Unfortunately, we cannot give feedback for each coffee as we can receive up to 60 bags per issue! The coffees sent for our cupping do not need to be roasted in the UK but do need to be readily available here.
Espresso and filter coffees may be posted on our social media channels if we think they are especially tasty or of note. Please send samples to our address.
Caffeine Magazine, 13 Sherwood Way, West Wickham BR4 9PB

Coffee for cuppings are needed:
Feb/Mar Issue – Early January
Apr/May Issue – Early March
Jun/Jul Issue – Early May
Aug/Sep Issue – Early July
Oct/Nov Issue – Early September
Dec/Jan issue – Early November

Media Partnerships

Caffeine Magazine is the award-winning guide to the world of speciality coffee. As the largest and most influential print publication within the industry, we are the media partner for many of the major speciality-focused coffee festivals. These include the London Coffee Festival, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow Coffee festivals, plus a number of smaller fringe festivals and events.

If you would like a conversation with the team please present us with your expectations and the value your event brings so we can all have a mutually beneficial partnership. Below are some of the benefits of working with Caffeine.

What Caffeine can offer your event 

  • Magazines supplied for your event
  • Editorial coverage
  • Social media coverage 
  • Competitions via social media 
  • Online editorial feature
  • Innovative activations