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Subscriptions & Orders

Find the answers to the most common problems with orders

Before going any further you’ll need to login to your account
To access your account, go to the “ACCOUNT” tab on the right hand side of the website header (highlighted yellow here).
You will then be presented with the “MY ACCOUNT” dashboard, as seen below. This should state the name you registered with.

Where is my order?

We are a very small team here at Caffeine, and as such we can only fulfil orders once a week. This will usually be on a Monday morning. Any orders placed after 6am Monday are unlikely to be fulfilled until the following Monday.
All items are send via Royal Mail Second class to keep delivery costs to you as low as possible. During COVID19 we have seen extended delivery times from Royal Mail. If however you have not received your order within 14 days, please contact us via our CONTACT PAGE and we’ll do our best to look into the issue.

How do I get an invoice for my order?

Invoices are sent out with all completed orders via email. However if you cannot find the email we sent, you can find all your previous purchases in the “ORDERS” tab and download your invoice here. If your order has not yet been completed this will not be available yet.

Why is there no VAT listed on my subscription / magazine invoice?

Magazines and printed goods come with Zero Rated VAT. Caffeine magazine falls under VAT Notice 701/10 section 3.6 Journals and periodicals.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription for any reason, do let us know why, we’d rather fix a problem than lose you.

  • Go to the “MY SUBSCRIPTION” tab in red
  • Tap the black CANCEL button (highlighted)
  • There will be a small notification on screen to state you have cancelled your subscription.
  • You can reactivate this subscription if you have made a mistake.

How do I change my delivery address?

If you have moved or just want the magazine sent elsewhere.

  • Go to the “MY SUBSCRIPTION” tab in red
  • Tap the black CHANGE ADDRESS button (highlighted)
  • You’ll be presented with a form for your new shipping address.
  • Tap the SAVE ADDRESS button at the bottom of the form
  • Both the shipping address used for the subscription and your default shipping address for future purchases will be updated.

Where can I re-download my digital issues?

The “DOWNLOADS” tab will take you to all the digital issues you’ve previously bought. You are able to download each issue three times.

The automatic payment for my subscription has failed.

If you’ve reported your card as lost or stolen since your last payment, or it’s simply expired, you’ll need to update your card details.

  • Go to the “MY SUBSCRIPTION” tab in red
  • Tap the black CHANGE PAYMENT button (highlighted)
  • Enter your new payment details and click on CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD button when you’re done.
  • This will also show you when your next payment is due.

The ‘change payment’ button isn’t showing.

If your subscription status is not “Active” and there is no CHANGE PAYMENT button showing

You will need to contact us directly so we can change your subscription status back to “Active” Email us via the contact form here

I can’t login, I’ve lost my password.

If you can’t login there maybe an issue with your password – You can reset this at anytime by clicking the “LOST PASSWORD” tab.

  • You will be emailed with a link to reset your password.
  • If you can’t see the email, remember to check your spam folder

I can’t login, Jetpack has locked me out!

We use pretty sophisticated security software here and occasionally it detects a lot of failed login attempts from an IP address. This lock out is designed to protect the site against brute force attacks. We advise to come back later or follow the instructions given by Jetpack.

I want to change my password / name / email address.

You can access all these features from the ACCOUNT DETAILS tab