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Taylor St Baristas- Make Better Brews at Home!

10/01/2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


You make coffee at home, but not sure, why does it taste so different than the one you had in the cafe yesterday? You even bought the same beans… What is it that makes it so tasty there?

Taylor St Baristas will reveal the “secret”! In this workshop they’ll teach you how they do it, so you can show off with your home brewing wizardry to your friends. Or simply: enjoy a cup of joe in the morning in your home!

You’ll learn:

– what are the different brewing devices and which one to use?

– how to store your coffee and how long you can use it for?

– grind size matters – how to get the best out of your coffee?

– water quality – why you shouldn’t use tap water?

– agitation/turbulence – to stir or not to stir?

– temperature – how hot is too hot?

– how to brew Kinto / Aeropress / Cafetiere / Clever Dripper?


Taylor St Baristas- Training Room
2 Botolph Alley
London, EC3R 8DR United Kingdom


Taylor St Baristas