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Climpson & Sons Home Roasting Course

March 2


The workshop will be headed up by Emily Jackson, Operations Manager and Roaster at Climpson & Sons. The course will provide an overview of the roasting process, including:

  • Physical and chemical reactions in roasting coffee
  • An introduction to green coffee
  • Progression of coffee development at each stage of roasting. Learn coffee roasting terminology like ‘first crack’ and what a roasting curve is all about
  • Cupping coffees to ascertain the differences in taste during roasting
  • Apply your skills to roast your own batch on the Ikawa Home Roaster with Climpson & Sons selection of coffees

This workshop is designed for the Home Barista enthusiast interested in bringing science to life. You’ve conquered the principles of brewing, you have a coffee brewing recipe down to a fine art, and have an idea of what qualifies as a good quality coffee product.

You likely don’t work in coffee, but enjoy exploring independent coffee shops, different brew methods and discovering unique coffees and flavour characteristics from different origins.