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Conti CC100

Our beloved long term Conti CC100 single group espresso machine has left the building, and we are very sad to see it go.
The Conti came into our lives in February this year. Our friends at Bowman Cycles had asked if we would set up a temporary espresso stand at the London Bike show at Excel for their customers and being the daft idiots that we are, we said yes. The main hurdle was we didn’t have a suitable machine for the job. Thankfully Chris at Conti came to our rescue and created this custom black powder coated version of their single group CC100 paired with the Compak E5 on demand grinder.

The machine is built around a 6 litre single boiler HX (Heat Exchanger) and is more than capable of smashing out hundreds of coffees per day should the need arise. Thankfully those kind of numbers weren’t required on this occasion, however it’s handsome looks came in for high praise from many at the show as well as Tour de France legends Stephen Roche and Sean Kelly. Following the Bike show we decided we would find some other events to show off the Conti and it made a few appearances including Sound Pro unfortunately further appearances were thwarted and it finally landed back in the office.

Our six month affair with the Conti has come to an end, although we couldn’t resist the charms of the Compak E5 which still sits on the counter top next to our espresso machine replacement.