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Cold comfort for summer

With the warmer weather and sunshine comes a new load of ready-to-drink cold brew coffees. We’ve tried this year’s crop, and cherry-picked the ones we think you should go for.

1. Union Sparkling Cold Brew
Union’s latest cold brew is more elegant than most. It has notes of vanilla and fruity cascara, and while it is a little short on the palate, it has a delightfully pleasant mouthfeel. With its natural sweetness and subtle hints of citrus, it makes for a really refreshing drink. Of all the drinks we tested it was our favourite.

When to drink Have it on its own,or use it as a mixer in a delicious coffee cocktail.

2. Alpro Caffè
If you’re a fan of alternative milks (AKA mylks), this iced latte is the one for you. The packaging may be a little fiddly, but the brew is smooth and sweet. There are several combinations of flavour and origin available (coconut, almond, soya caramel), but our favourite is definitely the Brazilian Coffee and Almond.

When to drink This cool alt-latte would be a great pick-me-up for post-yoga in the park.

3. Nescafé Azera There’s a touch of the guilty pleasure about drinking Nescafé, but we can easily see this new nitro cold brew taking the supermarkets by storm. It has a chocolate and coffee milkshake feel, and will definitely put a spring in your step. The flavour isn’t complex and the amount of sugar would make anything palatable – not one for
the health-conscious!
When to drink It’s perfect for a quick hit of energy at a festival or on a backpacking trip.

4. Fitch Brew Co
This Yorkshire-based company offers a range of cold brew coffees, covering straight traditional, nitro-infused and citrus flavours. Our pick of the bunch is the sparkling cold brew infused with blood orange, although the coffee flavour was quite faint – it’s reminiscent of a cool can of pop but with
a lovely caffeinated kick!

When to drink An appealing alternative to a soda at any barbecue or picnic.

5. Two Birds
This vitamin-enriched cold brew is a blend of ginger and turmeric with Dear Green’s Brazilian Fazenda Pantano. It has a wonderfully boozy aroma, similar to bourbon, and the mouthfeel is syrupy and indulgent with a lovely sweetness coming through. What it reminded us of most of all is rum ’n’ raisin ice cream, but with less sugar and more health benefits!

When to drink Pour it over ice cream for a perfect summer affogato.

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