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Coffee like you’ve never experienced!

Coffee drinking and mindfulness may appear to be completely unrelated experiences, but they align in more ways than you’d think. For many of us, drinking coffee is a ritual that energises our bodies, lightens our mood and is often what brings people together in social settings.  

But what happens when you really slow down and pay attention to your coffee?

Taking the time to focus and appreciate on each step of the coffee-making process might be just the thing to balance your mind and set up your day in a healthy and positive way. If you, like many, constantly run on autopilot and feel as though there isn’t enough time in the day to enjoy the things you love, then here are 5 things you can try the next time you fancy a filter or flat white: 

  1. Notice what you can see – your coffee equipment laid out in front of you, then what you can see on the bag of coffee. Make a point to notice the brand’s name, the origin of the coffee  beans, even the design and material of the bag itself. 
  1. Focus on what you can feel – the texture of the whole beans and the texture once you have ground them. Then take a moment to focus on the sensation of your hand against the coffee cup and appliance you’re using to brew the coffee in.
  1. Paying attention to the sounds created while making coffee is key to making it more mindful and meditative. The sound of your coffee grinder, the pouring water, the sound of your spoon clinking against the cup. 
  1. Take a moment to appreciate the smell before you drink your coffee. Firstly, smell the whole beans, and then how the coffee smells once ground and brewed. Do you notice any differences? Are there scents that are released once the coffee is combined with water? Be aware of these and allow your nose to explore them further. 
  1. Once you begin to drink the coffee, slow it right down and notice each sip you take. Notice the mouth feel, taste notes and how these notes change as the temperature of the coffee drops.  

At the London Coffee Festival in March, you will get the opportunity to take part in a unique coffee experience that will leave you feeling inspired and more in tune with the whole ritual of coffee consumption. 

Led by Michael James Wong, founder of the Just Breathe Project and key figure in the wellness industry, this experience starts as soon as you arrive. Designed around the five senses, Michael and the team from Caravan will open your mind to the complexities of coffee, expanding your awareness of how coffee can be transformed into a meditative ritual, bringing greater peace and balance to your lifestyle. 

Being conscious of both your internal and external environment does not necessarily mean rolling out the yoga mat. Absolutely anyone can implement mindfulness techniques into their daily routine, and a simple yet wonderful way to do this is through coffee. So, if you’ll be attending the festival in March and are looking for a bit of tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle, get involved!