Aisle be back!

Given up on the idea of buying top-quality coffee from the supermarket? In fact, there’s no reason your local store can’t provide you with a decent brew at a decent price. We explain what to look for.

Ground Control

Fresh beans, freshly ground. That’s the key to consistently great coffee at home. Here’s four hand grinders to help you on that journey. Photo : Gary Smith.

Brews brothers

Coffee and beer, on the face of it, may not appear to share many things in common. One’s a stimulant; one’s a relaxant. One’s mostly drunk in the morning; one’s mostly drunk at night. But as we all know, opposites attract, and the marriage of these two beverages has been giving pleasure to drinkers for the past couple of decades. Photo by Bentley Creative

Camp Coffee

If you can’t be without coffee even in the middle of nowhere, what are your options? We sent Jess Ansell, accompanied by coffee blogger Brian Williams, into the Surrey Hills to see what would and wouldn’t work when brewing in the great outdoors. Photo by Elke Frotscher.

Automatic for the people

The new wave of auto drip brewers promise a perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button, but can they deliver? We put three through their paces