5 Coffee myths debunked!

In a world of fake news and alternative facts, it's often hard to know what's real and what isn't. We're debunking 5 of the most common coffee myths!

The new romantics

Looking for a date venue that doesn’t involve alcohol or a three-course meal? Ashley Gummerson explains why you’ll find love in a third-wave café. Photo by Joshua Ness

Practising the dark arts

With an increasing number of home roasting machines on the market, we investigate whether the results justify the time and effort. Photo by Gary Smith

Imitation game

Would you buy a synthetic coffee concocted in a lab? What if it was significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly? David Burrows dons his white coat to see what the future may bring. Photo by Gary Smith

Cart life

Running a mobile coffee wagon is many people’s dream, but what is the reality? Caffeine abandoned its heated office and comfortable chair for three days to find out. Photo Leanne Bracey

Picture Perfect?

Instagram is awash with perfectly lit shots of latte art and on-trend cafés with bare brick walls and wooden counters, but does it really have anything to add to the speciality coffee culture? Chloë Callow is unconvinced

Slot Machine

Having greater control over the coffee you serve is high on every café’s agenda, but starting your own roastery is an expensive and serious undertaking. Alex Stewart explores the middle ground of slot-roasting

Time for fika

The Swedish tradition of fika is about more than enjoying coffee and cake – it gives us time to relax, socialise and focus on what’s important, as Anna Brones discovers.

But is it organic?

We demand a lot from our coffee these days, great taste, an acceptable price and organically sourced. Maja Jaworska asks, can we really have our coffee and drink it?

Turkish delight

Photo by Gary Smith
One of the world’s most popular brew methods, the Ibrik, has been struck from the program at the World Barista Championships. And that’s a huge shame, says Chloe Callow

Going to waste

That paper cup you’re hoping to recycle is destined for landfill – like billions more. Surprised? David Burrows explains why and does the math on greener options