Cheesy does it

Cheese and coffee - does that go? Barista and trained chef Lukasz Gorczyca believes it’s a match made in heaven. Photos by Justin Lambert

Push ahead

It may be made from just two, simple interlocking plastic tubes, but the humble-looking AeroPress produces fantastic complex flavours and is a favourite with the pros. Joshua M Pattinson gets tips from the top on how to use one. Photo by Gary Smith

The taste maker

In the heart of London’s financial district is Bittersweet, a boutique bakery that supplies some of the best cafés in town. Jennie Milsom meets its American owner to create recipes especially for Caffeine magazine: Photo by Kim Lightbody

Take the plunge

Take just a touch more care with the user-friendly French Press and you can have a satisfying coffee in a matter of moments. Joshua Pattinson takes us through the drill

Something in the water

It's as important as the quality of your coffee, and what comes out of the tap just won't do, explains our O2 investigator Chloe Callow.

Quids pro quo

Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on flavour when you make coffee at home, as a delighted Joshua M Pattinson finds out. Photo: Gary Smith