Bringing liqueurs in from the cold

A new generation of coffee liqueurs are using cold brew to introduce a third-wave twist to cocktail menus. Flavour guru Pritesh Mody puts them through their paces. Photo by Gary Smith

Meat your match

Coffee isn’t alone in riding a new wave of popularity – the British cured meat industry has also experienced a rebirth. But could the two work together? Ed Smith puts them to the test. Photo by Gary Smith

Shake it up

Milkshakes aren’t just for children. These indulgent caffeinated concoctions, which are simple to make at home, are guaranteed to put a spring in your step this summer, says Chloë Callow. Photo by Gary Smith

A feast for the senses

Many factors work together to enable tasters to pin down the exact flavours of each individual coffee, as Claire Gordon-Webster discovers. Photo by Gary Smith

Power vacuum

Once popular across the world, the vacuum – or syphon – brewer is now only popular in Asia. But with more and more speciality cafés giving it a go, is it time for a revival? Photo by Gary Smith

Buttery beverage

You’ve never heard of putting butter and oil in your coffee? Where have you been? Chloe Callow corrupts her morning ritual to check out the claims behind the latest health fad. Photo by Amber Morahan

Baristas at the Bar

When we invited mixologists and coffee hounds to concoct a coffee-inspired cocktail, the test panel got very merry indeed. Chloë Callow reports Photos by Giulia Mule

Cheesy does it

Cheese and coffee - does that go? Barista and trained chef Lukasz Gorczyca believes it’s a match made in heaven. Photos by Justin Lambert

Push ahead

It may be made from just two plastic tubes, but the humble AeroPress produces fantastic complex flavours and is a favourite with the pros. Joshua M Pattinson gets tips from the top on how to use one. Photo by Gary Smith

The taste maker

In the heart of London’s financial district is Bittersweet, a boutique bakery that supplies some of the best cafés in town. Jennie Milsom meets its American owner to create recipes especially for Caffeine magazine: Photo by Kim Lightbody