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Boozy coffee and cake!

Now that Autumn is upon us, chances are you’re pushing the iced coffees aside and making room for more cappuccinos and mochas. It also means we can switch up our evening coffee cocktail for something a little more decadent. So that’s why this week, we’re bringing you one of our favourite cocktails – perfect to serve to your dinner guests, or to enjoy all by yourself!

Master distiller Philip Moore designed this cocktail to bring together the classic (and delicious) combination of chocolate and orange, taking coffee cocktails to new and ultra-modern heights.

Mr Black Coffee Amaro is inspired by the aromas and flavours common to both coffee and amaro- fruit, spice and herbs. The result is a modern interpretation of the caffeinated liqueur, ideal for mixing with soda or tonic, or enjoying neat after a meal.

This cocktail, Coffee & Cake, brings out Coffee Amaro’s orange and chocolate flavours in particular, with the extra shot of dark chocolate liqueur a rich sweetness. The coffees used in the Coffee Amaro include one from Kenya with strong chocolate notes and another from Papua New Guinea with gentle citrus flavours. Both are accentuated in this serve – all brought together with the Jaffa Cake garnish.

Here’s the recipe:

Coffee & Cake
30ml vodka
30ml Mr Black Coffee Amaro
7.5ml sugar syrup
5ml dark chocolate liqueur
Jaffa Cake to garnish

Stir all the ingredients over ice in a mixing glass. Single-strain into a Nick & Nora or coupe glass, garnish with the Jaffa Cake.

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