Barista Portraits: Meet Hugo

In this series, we ask London's best baristas about what makes them tick. This post, meet Hugo. Originally from France, Hugo only learned how to make a cup of coffee a year ago when he lived in Brisbane, Australia.

Don’t Knock the Mocha!

The coffee world can be very sniffy when it comes to adulterating coffee with anything other than milk. But, says Paul Eagles from Kokoa Collection, the mocha deserves a second look. Photo: Andy Waterman.

Berlin Coffee Festival

Next week the Berlin Coffee Festival kicks off at the Markthalle Neun in Germany’s booming capital.

The cool kid of Europe is sure to put on a stellar show with Caffeine Mag favourites The Barn and Five Elephant amongst those exhibiting. Alongside roasters showing off their latest and greatest beans, a variety of baristas will be competing in coffee competitions across the weekend, espresso tours will be held across the city, and the festival will hold a number of workshops and talks with sustainability taking the spotlight.

A Bit On the Side

For hundreds of years, on breakfast tables across the world, a cup of coffee has been enjoyed with something sweet. But why, and when was it decided to pair the two? Hugo Harrison investigates. Photo by Honey Fangs.

Ground Control

Fresh beans, freshly ground. That’s the key to consistently great coffee at home. Here’s four hand grinders to help you on that journey. Photo : Gary Smith.

Barista Portraits: Meet Dom

In this new series, we ask London's best baristas about what makes them tick. This post, meet Dom, an aspiring actor who works across multiple shops in the heart of London's CBD.

WTF is it with Lever Machines?

Each issue, Caffeine tackles some of the complexities associated with the coffee industry. Here, we attempt to explain the resurgence of lever espresso machines.

Shaken, not stirred

Put the teaspoon down – tea is a perfect base for creative cocktails. Sophie Hudson treats her taste buds.
Photo by Gary Smith

Turn over a new leaf

If you want to fully appreciate tea’s delicate flavours, you need to know what you’re tasting – and you need to brew it right. Mike Riley offers a few professional pointers.

The new romantics

Looking for a date venue that doesn’t involve alcohol or a three-course meal? Ashley Gummerson explains why you’ll find love in a third-wave café. Photo by Joshua Ness