Barista Portraits: Meet Hugo

In this series, we ask London's best baristas about what makes them tick. This post, meet Hugo. Originally from France, Hugo only learned how to make a cup of coffee a year ago when he lived in Brisbane, Australia.

This week we’re profiling Hugo. You can catch him at Shoreditch Grind.

Q. How long have you been a barista for?
A. 1 year

Q. What is your biggest pet peeve?
A. A large mocha with 4 shots of espresso with half oat milk, half almond milk. Or a single espresso and a single decaf… mixed together. Yes, someone ordered that one time.

Q. Latte or long black?
A. Neither, I’m a flat white kinda guy – or a filter.

Q. Favourite origin and why?
A. I really like Eastern Africa, think Kenyan & Ethiopian. I also love the natural process because you get that intensity of the fruit fermentation.

Q. If you weren’t making coffee what would you be doing?
A. Well, I used to work as a builder… but I’d probably be traveling the world.