A feast for the senses

Many factors work together to enable tasters to pin down the exact flavours of each individual coffee, as Claire Gordon-Webster discovers. Photo by Gary Smith

But is it organic?

We demand a lot from our coffee these days, great taste, an acceptable price and organically sourced. Maja Jaworska asks, can we really have our coffee and drink it?

Turkish delight

Photo by Gary Smith
One of the world’s most popular brew methods, the Ibrik, has been struck from the program at the World Barista Championships. And that’s a huge shame, says Chloe Callow

Going to waste

That paper cup you’re hoping to recycle is destined for landfill – like billions more. Surprised? David Burrows explains why and does the math on greener options

Power vacuum

Once popular across the world, the vacuum – or syphon – brewer is now only popular in Asia. But with more and more speciality cafés giving it a go, is it time for a revival? Photo by Gary Smith


Which Cafe Will Be Crowned The Best Late Art In The UK?

Buttery beverage

You’ve never heard of putting butter and oil in your coffee? Where have you been? Chloe Callow corrupts her morning ritual to check out the claims behind the latest health fad. Photo by Amber Morahan