Bringing liqueurs in from the cold

A new generation of coffee liqueurs are using cold brew to introduce a third-wave twist to cocktail menus. Flavour guru Pritesh Mody puts them through their paces. Photo by Gary Smith

Camp Coffee

If you can’t be without coffee even in the middle of nowhere, what are your options? We sent Jess Ansell, accompanied by coffee blogger Brian Williams, into the Surrey Hills to see what would and wouldn’t work when brewing in the great outdoors. Photo by Elke Frotscher.

Meat your match

Coffee isn’t alone in riding a new wave of popularity – the British cured meat industry has also experienced a rebirth. But could the two work together? Ed Smith puts them to the test. Photo by Gary Smith

Cart life

Running a mobile coffee wagon is many people’s dream, but what is the reality? Caffeine abandoned its heated office and comfortable chair for three days to find out. Photo Leanne Bracey

Picture Perfect?

Instagram is awash with perfectly lit shots of latte art and on-trend cafés with bare brick walls and wooden counters, but does it really have anything to add to the speciality coffee culture? Chloë Callow is unconvinced

Slot Machine

Having greater control over the coffee you serve is high on every café’s agenda, but starting your own roastery is an expensive and serious undertaking. Alex Stewart explores the middle ground of slot-roasting

The talents of Tallinn

Slowly but surely, the Estonian capital’s cafés are introducing new and innovative takes on coffee to the city’s inhabitants. Douglas North searches out the fledgling scene’s leading lights.